NextCore & Naing Aung Co., Ltd. launched FXMirror and the NOON VR headset with the help of I Voice Korea, the global partner of NextCore, and G.SKY, one of the biggest global mobile companies in south-east Asia. The event ran from June 26th to June 29th.

The event was hosted at the Sky Star Hotel in Yangon. More than 200 people attended including VIPs such as the First Lady, Prime Minister and wife, leading businessmen and a long list of celebrities.

During the first day of the show, guests were invited to demo NOON VR and FXMirror for themselves. Everyone was floored by how amazing and intuitive the technology was. Along with demonstrations, our team also ran a lottery giving the guests a chance to win their own NOON VR headset. For the remaining two days, the event continued at the largest department store in Yangon. Performers performed and we showcased NOON VR and FXMirror to the incredible group of patrons.